If you’d like to renew and reinvigorate your spiritual life in 2013, join us at All Saints’ Episcopal Church for a preaching series: “Questioning Faith: Asking the Tough Questions.” We will address such questions as:

  • Is Christianity the only correct religion? - January 6
  • Am I “saved” – and what does that mean, anyway? - January 13
  • Did the miracles in the Bible really happen? - January 20
  • Is God a God of peace or a God of vengeance? - January 27
  • Is there really a place called hell that sinners go to for eternity? - February 3
  • Do good Christians have doubts?
  • Does the Bible conflict with modern scientific theory?
  • If somebody has never felt God’s presence does that mean they’re not really a Christian?
  • What if I’m wrong?

In this modern age, faith can be confusing; join us as we ask just what we must believe to “qualify” as Christians, and as we seek a practical faith that can help us live our increasingly complicated lives. Come and bring your own questions! For more information, contact The Rev. Sandra Etemad,


Topics By Week 

January 6,  Epiphany       

Christianity and Exclusivism: Is Christianity the only true religion? . . . or Are All Other Religions False?    

 January 13, 1st Sunday After Epiphany

Being “saved”:  What would you answer if someone asked you, “Are you saved?”

January 20 , 2nd Sunday After Epiphany

Miracles:  Did the miracles of the Bible “really happen”? Are science & faith incompatible?

 January 27, 3rd Sunday After Epiphany

Biblical Violence:  What do we do about the violence in the Bible? Did God really order genocide?

 February 3, 4th Sunday After Epiphany 

Hell: Is there really a place called “Hell,” where non-Christians or “bad people” suffer eternal torment at the hands of Satan?

February 10, Last Sunday After Epiphany